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Bleeding Heart (Glory Bower)
This tropical beauty is covered with attractive deeply veined, ovate leaves. Its glory, however, are the eye-catching red and white flowers that bloom profusely from spring through fall. Made up of snowy white calyxes, the blooms are somewhat heart-shaped. Emerging from each calyx is a bright red flower with long stamens. ..
Bougainvillea is a flowering tropical vine. It adds bold color to the home landscape, with large purple or red blooms produced in winter and spring. An evergreen plant, bougainvillea grows best in areas with mild winters and little freezing. It cascades over walls and fences, but can also be trained as a small single-trunk tree for use in contai..
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Million Bells (Calibrachoa)
Calibrachoa or trailing petunia is an annual which produces flowers that look like small petunias. These are compact, mounded plants which grow 3-9” tall on mostly trailing stems. Sometimes called million bells, these plants are prolific bloomers that produce hundreds of 1” wide flowers from spring to frost. Flower colors include shades of v..
Recognized by their "faces," Pansies are one of the most popular cool-season annuals. Easy to grow and colorful, Pansies come in various shades of yellow, orange, white, red, blue, purple, and even bicolors. The blues and yellows tend to be the most fragrant, having a distinctive and delicate scent that holds a hint of wintergreen. ..
Purple Fountain Grass
Popular, drought tolerant grass forms neat clumps of purplish maroon blades. Topped by rose red flower spikes summer through fall. Beautiful as landscape specimen or planted in groups. Provides quick annual color in any climate. Perennial in warm climates. ..