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Azalea - Coral Bell
Free-flowering, evergreen dwarf azalea (Ku) with small leaves. In midseason, bears small trusses of hose-in-hose, deep pink flowers, 1½ inch across, shaded a delicate silvery rose-pink. ..
Azalea - Delaware Valley White
Upright, open, evergreen shrub with medium, elliptic, olive-green leaves. In midseason, bears loose trusses of open funnel-shaped, fragrant, cream to pale yellow flowers, 3in across, with light pink shading. ..
Azalea - Purple Formosa
In spring, this Azalea blooms a rich purple flower. This emerald evergreen has a vigorously upright growth habit reaching heights of 6 -8 feet, but often trimmed at 4 feet. Formosa Azalea can be useful in the landscape along woodland borders, in mass plantings, in foundation plantings, as a buffer or screen, as a background, in shrub borders, ar..
Azalea - Red Formosa
In spring, this Azalea blooms a rich red flower. This emerald evergreen has a vigorously upright growth habit reaching heights of 6 -8 feet, but often trimmed at 4 feet. It is ideally used as a screen, accent, hedge, and highlight areas. ..
Boxwood - Japanese
Slow-growing, very dense, upright shrub with narrowly lance-shaped, mid to deep green leaves.  ..
Burning Bush (Dwarf)
A compact, slow-growing, and deciduous shrub. It forms a dense, twiggy, and flat-topped mound. the dark green leaves turn a brilliant rose-red in fall. Excellent as a background, screen, or accent against darker evergreens.  ..
Elaeagnus - Ebbingei
Spineless branches to 10'. Evergreen foliage has silver scales on the undersides of leaf surfaces. Brown scales on the stems and new foliage.  ..
Euonymus - Golden
Moderate to rapid growing, compact, and well-branched shrub. It has shiny green leaves with wide, irregular, and bright gold margins. Extremely showy as individual specimen or formal hedges.  ..
Euonymus - Silver King
Silver king euonymus is a fast-growing, upright evergreen shrub. Leaves are glossy green with creamy white to siliver-white irregular margins.  ..
Holly - Carissa
Carissa holly is an outstanding dwarf and dense grower. The leaves are dark glossy green with one spine at the tip. Excellent for use as a low hedge or in mass plannings. No berries.  ..
Holly - Dwarf Burford
Burford holly is an excellent hedge plant. It tolerates a wide range of soil conditions. It's form is compact, rounded, and heavily branched. Leaves are deep glossy green. It produces large red berries.  ..
Holly - Heller's
A very dense and dwarf form of holly that reaches a height of 3' with an equal spread. It is a good substitute for boxwood because of its small dark green leaves.  ..
Holly - Needlepoint
'Needlepoint' is a quality cultivar with fine leaves of lustrous dark green, bright scarlet fruits and steady, fastigiate growth. Heavy crops of red or yellow berries, to 1/2 inch in diameter, remain throughout the winter. Effective hedge, screen, espalier, or garden specimen. Older plants may be pruned into small tree. Easy and durable. Ext..
Holly - Yaupon
Yaupon holly is a dwarf, compact form with small shiny leaves. It’s excellent in planter boxes or as a low hedge. Matures at 3’-5’ high by 8’-10’ wide. Makes a gigantic mounted cushion if not pruned.  ..
Indian Hawthorn - Pink
Pink Lady is a nice variety of Indian Hawthorn. The bush is symmetrical in shape with a dense crown. Like other Indian Hawthorns, Pink Lady has evergreen foliage that keeps a nice color in the landscape. In addition to the year round color, Indian Hawthorns have 2 seasons of flowering. Pink Lady has beautiful blue and purple fruit that attracts ..