Fall Color

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Aucuba - Golden Dust
Compact growing evergreen shrub 6'-10' high and slightly less in spread. Large, glossy, dark green leaves heavily sprinkled with yellow spots. Brightens any shady location.  ..
Burning Bush (Dwarf)
A compact, slow-growing, and deciduous shrub. It forms a dense, twiggy, and flat-topped mound. the dark green leaves turn a brilliant rose-red in fall. Excellent as a background, screen, or accent against darker evergreens.  ..
Euonymus - Golden
Moderate to rapid growing, compact, and well-branched shrub. It has shiny green leaves with wide, irregular, and bright gold margins. Extremely showy as individual specimen or formal hedges.  ..
Hydrangea - Oakleaf
A large showy shrub for all seasons. Huge white blooms in summer turn pink in fall. Large, green, oak-like leaves turn reddish purple in the fall. Provide room for this showy plant to grow. Excellent for foundation and mass plantings and as a specimen plant. Maturing to a height of 8'-12'. An Oklahoma Proven Selection. ..
Knock Out Rose
Shrub rose with mid-green, semi-glossy leaves. Bears small clusters of single-petalled, lightly scented, yellow flowers, 2-3in across, from spring to autumn. Disease resistant and tolerant of partial shade.  ..
Possibly the smallest of the Loropetalum varieties, having a compact, more rounded form. Unusual clusters of pink fringe flowers bloom year round, accompanying the shiny, ruby red young leaves.  ..