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Holly - Heller's
A very dense and dwarf form of holly that reaches a height of 3' with an equal spread. It is a good substitute for boxwood because of its small dark green leaves.  ..
Holly - Needlepoint
'Needlepoint' is a quality cultivar with fine leaves of lustrous dark green, bright scarlet fruits and steady, fastigiate growth. Heavy crops of red or yellow berries, to 1/2 inch in diameter, remain throughout the winter. Effective hedge, screen, espalier, or garden specimen. Older plants may be pruned into small tree. Easy and durable. Ext..
Holly - Yaupon
Yaupon holly is a dwarf, compact form with small shiny leaves. It’s excellent in planter boxes or as a low hedge. Matures at 3’-5’ high by 8’-10’ wide. Makes a gigantic mounted cushion if not pruned.  ..
Hydrangea - Endless Summer
Endless Summer might well be considered the crown jewel among Hydrangea macrophyllas. This selection produces an uncommon sequence of large, showy, 8" diameter; mophead blooms until autumn frosts. Blooms, which are soil pH specific (clear pink in alkaline soil and blue in- acidic soil), occur not just, typically on old wood, but also new wood. A..
Indian Hawthorn - Pink
Pink Lady is a nice variety of Indian Hawthorn. The bush is symmetrical in shape with a dense crown. Like other Indian Hawthorns, Pink Lady has evergreen foliage that keeps a nice color in the landscape. In addition to the year round color, Indian Hawthorns have 2 seasons of flowering. Pink Lady has beautiful blue and purple fruit that attracts ..
Indian Hawthorn - White
Busy, spreading, evergreen shrub producing narrowly elliptic to lance-shaped, deeply toothed, leathery, glossy, dark green leaves, to 3-4 inch long. In spring or early summer, bears white flowers, to half inch across, with pink-flushed centers, in loose racemes or panicles, to 3 inch long.  ..
Knock Out Rose
Shrub rose with mid-green, semi-glossy leaves. Bears small clusters of single-petalled, lightly scented, yellow flowers, 2-3in across, from spring to autumn. Disease resistant and tolerant of partial shade.  ..
An excellent low-maintenance plant used as an evergreen shrub where it blooms all year long or as an annual in areas with a killing frost. Flowers come in several colors, including red, yellow, pink, orange, purple and multi-colors. Blooms all season long. Foliage is rough and green with some cultivars having variegated foliage. Very drought tol..
Possibly the smallest of the Loropetalum varieties, having a compact, more rounded form. Unusual clusters of pink fringe flowers bloom year round, accompanying the shiny, ruby red young leaves.  ..
Mexican Heather
The delicate flowers on this small, tropical evergreen shrub are irresistible to butterflies. Perfect for adding lacy texture and soft color to container gardens, flower beds or cut arrangements. Excellent heat tolerance.  ..
Spirea - Bridalwreath
The Bridal White Spirea is a flowering shrub that creates a cascading waterfall of white flowers as it blooms in mid spring. Blooming is on old wood, so any pruning should be done after flowering. ..
Sweet Olive
Fragrant olive (also sweet olive or sweet tea) produces clusters of not particularly showy flowers that have an extremely powerful apricot fragrance. Features oval, leathery, glossy green leaves (to 4” long). Leaf margins may be smooth or finely toothed. Tiny white flowers appear in axillary clusters in spring, with some sporadic bloom through..