Summer Blooming

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 Evergreen Wisteria
An attractive Asian vine that does resemble Wisteria (but is not in fact a Wisteria) and has dark purple-red flower clusters that are held above the foliage. A good fast-growing vine for the large arbor, pergola, or chain link fence.  ..
Agapanthus (Lily of the Nile)
An evergreen perennial forming a clamp of arching strap-like leaves to 18"-24" high. Deep ocean blue flower clusters rise 2' above foliage in summer. Excellent in containers.  ..
Asparagus Fern (Sprengeri)
A very popular evergreen with delicate, bright green or yellow green, needle-like leaves. Tiny thorns present despite soft appearance of plant. Small waxy white flowers are scattered throughout plant. ..
Azalea - Purple Formosa
In spring, this Azalea blooms a rich purple flower. This emerald evergreen has a vigorously upright growth habit reaching heights of 6 -8 feet, but often trimmed at 4 feet. Formosa Azalea can be useful in the landscape along woodland borders, in mass plantings, in foundation plantings, as a buffer or screen, as a background, in shrub borders, ar..
Azalea - Red Formosa
In spring, this Azalea blooms a rich red flower. This emerald evergreen has a vigorously upright growth habit reaching heights of 6 -8 feet, but often trimmed at 4 feet. It is ideally used as a screen, accent, hedge, and highlight areas. ..
Butterfly Bush
Hardy, deciduous, summer-blooming shrub 5'-10' tall. It bears an exciting array of spectacular flower spikes. may have some die-back in Northern areas.  ..
Crape Myrtle - Natches White
Natchez crape myrtle trees grow quickly to over 20' at maturity with leaves that change to red-orange in the Fall. Natchez crape myrtle makes a great ornamental shrub with its dark exfoliating bark and huge pure white flowers that last up to 4 months. The leaves turn red-orange during the Fall and the blooms are a beautiful white color. The whit..
Gardenia - August Beauty
Prolific bloomer with large, double, sweetly fragrant, velvety white flowers. A superb evergreen accent, low hedge or container plant that thrives due to rootstock that is nematode resistant, tolerates poor soils and more readily takes up soil nutrients. ..
Hibiscus - Althea (Rose of Sharon)
Althea or Rose of Sharon, a type of hibiscus, is a multi-stemmed, deciduous shrub or small tree with leathery, serrated leaves boasting a dependable bloom show in summer. It’s a very rugged, maintenance-free plant that endures poor soil, extreme heat and drought. Blooms 3”-5” in diameter occur in an array of typically pastel to Victorian c..
Hibiscus - Hardy (Rose Mallow)
A hardy perennial that is categorized as a deciduous woody shrub, but produces large blooms that are similar to tropical Hibiscus rosa-sinensis. Begins blooming in mid-summer and will often continue producing flowers until frost. One hibiscus plant can produce hundreds of flowers, especially with deadheading to prolong the bloom period. ..
Hydrangea - Endless Summer
Endless Summer might well be considered the crown jewel among Hydrangea macrophyllas. This selection produces an uncommon sequence of large, showy, 8" diameter; mophead blooms until autumn frosts. Blooms, which are soil pH specific (clear pink in alkaline soil and blue in- acidic soil), occur not just, typically on old wood, but also new wood. A..
Hydrangea - Masja (Red)
The Masja hydrangea makes a big impression with its red blooms against its attractive dark green, glossy leaves. It produces masses of round, showy, red, flower clusters all summer. An ideal shrub for gardens, borders, a foundation planting, or a focal point. ..
Hydrangea - Nikko Blue
The Nikko Blue hydrangea has large, round flower heads that are a bold blue. The flowers bloom in late spring, over a rounded canopy of dense foliage. Nikko Blue hydrange have large, oval-shaped leaves that often taper to a point. ..
Hydrangea - Oakleaf
A large showy shrub for all seasons. Huge white blooms in summer turn pink in fall. Large, green, oak-like leaves turn reddish purple in the fall. Provide room for this showy plant to grow. Excellent for foundation and mass plantings and as a specimen plant. Maturing to a height of 8'-12'. An Oklahoma Proven Selection. ..
Jasmine - Carolina
Carolina jessamine is a favorite native vine for gardeners in the south, because it puts on a spectacular display of masses of fragrant yellow flowers in the spring, it’s evergreen, and it's a robust grower with no serious diseases or pests. The small, opposite, ovate leaves are widely spaced on wiry reddish stems that climb by twining. Caroli..