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Asparagus Fern (Sprengeri)
A very popular evergreen with delicate, bright green or yellow green, needle-like leaves. Tiny thorns present despite soft appearance of plant. Small waxy white flowers are scattered throughout plant. ..
Azalea - Coral Bell
Free-flowering, evergreen dwarf azalea (Ku) with small leaves. In midseason, bears small trusses of hose-in-hose, deep pink flowers, 1½ inch across, shaded a delicate silvery rose-pink. ..
Azalea - Delaware Valley White
Upright, open, evergreen shrub with medium, elliptic, olive-green leaves. In midseason, bears loose trusses of open funnel-shaped, fragrant, cream to pale yellow flowers, 3in across, with light pink shading. ..
Azalea - Purple Formosa
In spring, this Azalea blooms a rich purple flower. This emerald evergreen has a vigorously upright growth habit reaching heights of 6 -8 feet, but often trimmed at 4 feet. Formosa Azalea can be useful in the landscape along woodland borders, in mass plantings, in foundation plantings, as a buffer or screen, as a background, in shrub borders, ar..
Azalea - Red Formosa
In spring, this Azalea blooms a rich red flower. This emerald evergreen has a vigorously upright growth habit reaching heights of 6 -8 feet, but often trimmed at 4 feet. It is ideally used as a screen, accent, hedge, and highlight areas. ..
A tough and popular foliage plant for foundation plannings or interior use. Evergreen leaves to 2 feet tall and 4 inch wide arise from underground stems.  ..
Foxtail Fern
A fluffy evergreen fern with unusual frond-like growth. It produces marble-sized seed that can be easily sprouted. It's drought resistant and needs little care.  ..
Gardenia - August Beauty
Prolific bloomer with large, double, sweetly fragrant, velvety white flowers. A superb evergreen accent, low hedge or container plant that thrives due to rootstock that is nematode resistant, tolerates poor soils and more readily takes up soil nutrients. ..
Gardenia - Frost Proof
‘Frostproof’ is a prolific bloomer of fragrant 2-3” flowers. Easy-to-grow and bloom, this new cultivar has a distinctive cup in the middle of the blossom, and the blooming season lasts from spring to fall. The plant has a nice symmetrical upright form with very attractive narrow green foliage that’s about half the size of standard garden..
Hydrangea - Endless Summer
Endless Summer might well be considered the crown jewel among Hydrangea macrophyllas. This selection produces an uncommon sequence of large, showy, 8" diameter; mophead blooms until autumn frosts. Blooms, which are soil pH specific (clear pink in alkaline soil and blue in- acidic soil), occur not just, typically on old wood, but also new wood. A..
Hydrangea - Masja (Red)
The Masja hydrangea makes a big impression with its red blooms against its attractive dark green, glossy leaves. It produces masses of round, showy, red, flower clusters all summer. An ideal shrub for gardens, borders, a foundation planting, or a focal point. ..
Hydrangea - Nikko Blue
The Nikko Blue hydrangea has large, round flower heads that are a bold blue. The flowers bloom in late spring, over a rounded canopy of dense foliage. Nikko Blue hydrange have large, oval-shaped leaves that often taper to a point. ..
Hydrangea - Oakleaf
A large showy shrub for all seasons. Huge white blooms in summer turn pink in fall. Large, green, oak-like leaves turn reddish purple in the fall. Provide room for this showy plant to grow. Excellent for foundation and mass plantings and as a specimen plant. Maturing to a height of 8'-12'. An Oklahoma Proven Selection. ..
Jasmine - Asiatic (Asian Jasmine)
Asian Jasmine is a dense, fast growing ground cover for large areas. The small oval leaves are rich green in color and shiny. Usually this plant is evergreen, however, during severe winters it may lose it's foliage. It prefers moist, well-drained, well-prepared soil for best establishment. Once established, it is fairly drought tolerant.  ..
Jasmine - Carolina
Carolina jessamine is a favorite native vine for gardeners in the south, because it puts on a spectacular display of masses of fragrant yellow flowers in the spring, it’s evergreen, and it's a robust grower with no serious diseases or pests. The small, opposite, ovate leaves are widely spaced on wiry reddish stems that climb by twining. Caroli..