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 Evergreen Wisteria
An attractive Asian vine that does resemble Wisteria (but is not in fact a Wisteria) and has dark purple-red flower clusters that are held above the foliage. A good fast-growing vine for the large arbor, pergola, or chain link fence.  ..
Fig - Creeping
Creeping fig, a small-leaved, evergreen Asian creeper, climbs by means of clinging aerial roots and can fix itself like cement to the objects it climbs. A single stem cutting can grow to cover the entire side of a large building in only a few years. ..
Jasmine - Carolina
Carolina jessamine is a favorite native vine for gardeners in the south, because it puts on a spectacular display of masses of fragrant yellow flowers in the spring, it’s evergreen, and it's a robust grower with no serious diseases or pests. The small, opposite, ovate leaves are widely spaced on wiry reddish stems that climb by twining. Caroli..
Jasmine - Confederate (Star Jasmine)
Confederate jasmine, also known as star jasmine, is a hardy perennial vine that grows fragrant, white, star-like flowers among its glossy dark evergreen leaves. Because it is so easy to grow, it is a popular plant for xeriscaping. It is drought-tolerant and will thrive in almost any soil.  ..
Joseph's Coat Climbing Rose
Vigorous branching, large-flowered climbing rose. This compact climber can also be trained as a shrub and will continue to delight either way. Blooms start as red buds and open to an array of red, orange gold and bright butter-yellow. They hold well on the erect stems for garden display or as a cut flower. The plant tolerates a wide range of con..