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Dr. T's Snake-A-Way

Dr. T's Snake-A-Way
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Description Dr. T’s Snake-A-Way® has been the most trusted name in snake repellent for decades. With greater than 91% repellency rate for rattlesnakes and garter snakes, Snake-A-Way® is a powerful snake repellent solution that will keep your property free of snakes. Snake-A-Way® works by temporarily disrupting the snake’s sensory receptors -- Jacobson’s Organ (auxiliary olfactory sense organ). This disorientation causes the snake to slither away unharmed, in search of fresh air. Repels poisonous and non-poisonous snakes from targeted areas Patented Formulation Contains naphthalene (7%) and sulfur (28%) 4 lb. presentation covers .5 acre Residual: 2 to 3 months 91% repellent rate of garter snakes and rattlesnakes Will not harm snakes Only EPA-registered granular snake repellent on the market Repels by temporarily disrupting a snake’s sensory reception Granules are applied around the perimeter of area you want to protect.
Coverage 4 lbs. covers 0.5 acres.

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