• Sago Palm

Extremely slow-growing palm maturing to a height of 6'. Produces dark shiny green leaves 4'-5' long. Hot summers and mild winters are ideal growing conditions. 

Plant Profile
Botanical Name Cycads revoluta
Features Extremely slow-growing palm maturing to a height of 6'. Produces dark shiny green leaves 4'-5' long. Hot summers and mild winters are ideal growing conditions.
Exposure Full sun
Hardiness Zone Zones 13-15
Mature Size 3-6' Tall, 3-6' Wide
Genus Description Cycas is a genus of about 15 species of cycads found on dry, stony slopes and in semi-desert and dry, open woodland from Madagascar to S. and S.E. Asia, Australia, and the Pacific islands. They have whorls of pinnate, stiff, leathery leaves, with linear-lance shaped to sickle-shaped leaflets. Dioecious inflorescences arise from the centers of the leaf rosettes. The large male inflorescences are cone-like, up to 32 inches tall, and usually covered in woolly hairs; the female inflorescences consist of loosely arranged, modified leaves, to 12 inches long, bearing ovules on the margins. Cycas species are grown for their palm-like appearance, and are also cultivated as a source of starch after the removal of carcinogenic alkaloids. Where not hardy, grow in a temperate or warm greenhouse, or as foliage houseplants. In warmer climates, they make excellent specimen plants. The Cycas revoluta (also known as Sago Palm) is a robust-stemmed cycad, erect at first but gradually reclining with age, and suckering and branching when mature. Arching leaves, 30-60 inches long, are pinnate, with up to 125 sickle-shaped, glossy dark green leaflets. Ovoid, woolly, golden brown inflorescences are produced on mature plants but seldom on those grown in containers. The male inflorescences, to 16 inches long, are pineapple-scented; females, 8 inch long, produce ovoid yellow fruit, 1 to 1.5 inches long. Regardless of age or size, Cycads revolta is one of the easiest plants to grow, indoors or out, by beginner or expert. This subtropical adapts to a wide range of temperatures from 15 to 110 degrees F, accepts full sun or bright interior light, thrives with attention, and tolerates neglect. In addition, Cycads are extremely long-lived.
Care Tips
Cultivation Under glass, grow in a mix of equal parts loam, compost, and coarse bark with additional grit and charcoal, and a slow-release fertilizer. Provide full light, with shade from hot sun, and moderate humidity. In the growing season, water moderately; reduce humidity and water in winter. Pot on or top-dress in spring. Outdoors, grow in fertile, moist but well drained soil in full sun.
Pests and Diseases Spider mites, mealy bugs, and scale insects are common. Many fungi cause leaf spots and root rots. Prone to magnesium deficiency.

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Sago Palm

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