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The Gramineae family of plants, better known as grass, has more than 8,000 species on Earth. Grass is the most popular type of plant used on modern lawns. Grass provides spaces for people to relax, roll around, and play in. It also works to catch smoke particles, dust, and other pollutants that can harm people. Grass helps to eliminate these pollutants so we can breathe fresh air. Depending on the type of grass you plant in your yard, it can hardly thicken or spread rapidly. 


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White Mully Grass

An airy inflorescence with dark green glossy leaves and a creamy white inflorescence that dries to a light grey. This cultivar has the same...

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Monkey Grass

A groundcover that resembles turf grass in appearance. It's a low-growing, drought-resistant turf substitute. A Liriope landscape border creates a neat, low-growing edge that...
from $6.99

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Grasses Ground Covers

Zebra Grass

A very distinctive ornamental grass with its variegated foliage displaying unusual, horizontal, soft yellow rings along with the gracefully arching leaves. Has a nice...

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Grasses Ornamental Grasses

Variegated Monkey Grass

A perennial that behaves as an excellent grass-like substitute. Beautiful creamy yellow stripes on the margins of the blades provide some brightness and uniqueness...
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Grasses Perennials

Mondo Grass

An evergreen perennial that makes a great groundcover or standalone grass-like plant. It is noted for its attractive evergreen foliage and looks fantastic year-round,...

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Grasses Ornamental Grasses

Aztec Grass

A mondo cultivar that is hardy and low-maintenance. Edging along shaded pathways and borders, as well as adding texture and color contrast in mixed...
from $6.99

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Evergreen Grasses Perennials

Sod - St. Augustine

St. Augustine grass (Stenotaphrum secundatum) is a fast-growing grass that has a medium to dark green color and coarse leaf texture. With proper maintenance,...
from $3.20

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Grasses Sod

Sod - Centipede

Centipede grass (Eremochloa ophiuroides) is a slow-growing, apple green, coarse leafed turf grass that is used as low maintenance, general-purpose turf grass.
from $1.95

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Grasses Sod

Pampas Grass

In late summer, silvery-white plumes rise several feet above the foliage and make a bold, dramatic statement in the landscape. Has been a popular...

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Purple Fountain Grass

Popular, drought-tolerant grass forms neat clumps of purplish maroon blades. Topped by rose-red flower spikes summer through fall. Beautiful as a landscape specimen or...

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